Welcome to the Haligeard Wiki

A more complete, updated version of the 'MoonLife Wiki'. The old wiki got messy, confusing and annoying. Here i'm starting afresh!

A vast lore.

The current year is somewhere in the 160th century of Man.

Tolkien created the lore of his world in the hope that he could create a purely English legend. Not Greek, not Roman, not Scandinavian, not Germanic. English. The lore you find here is inspired by his hope that many works would build of this English legendarium, and develop it further. Some items and ideas here you might find are adapted from Tolkien's works - this is what he wanted. However, you will find no direct copies here.

I originally started this vast collection of the Lore for the universe of the MoonLife servers on the MoonFire Network (themfn.info). Now the server has vanished sadly, but I have got the minecraft worlds myself to continue on my own.

I will be writing novellas to go with the lore! Poems! Hopefully.

As this is in the style of Tolkien, it is basically set in anglo-saxon times. I am working on another (newer) wiki - 'The Paranios Wiki'. Paranios is a different sort of lore - more related to Game of Thrones.

Latest activity

As of 2018 I have ceased development of the lore on this website, preferring instead to continue it in private. Perhaps some day I'll release it, but for now this is all you are getting.

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